Calling all Superheroes!


Garden State Council Cub-o-Ree 2013

  May 4-5

8 AM Saturday to 10 AM Sunday


Some of the greatest superheroes of our time are gathering at Pine Tree to strengthen their superpowers and share their unique skills.  Come to this Council-wide parent-son event where:

*     Superman will be faster than a speeding BB. 

*     The Hulk will do what he does best – SMASH! 

*     Mr. Fantastic will stretch our imagination. 

*     Captain America will renew our American pride.

*     The Human Torch will help us with fire building. 

*     Spider-Man will discuss his spidey sense and apply his web skills towards some fancy knot work.

*     Also, learn about some lesser known superheroes (such as the Green Arrow                                      who will lead our archery range) and create your own superhero!  

Register Online Here for May





For more information, contact the Rowan Scout Resource Center at 609-261-5850 or Janet L. Boris at or 609-268-0828. 

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