The Burlington County Council provides, at no cost to its members and charter partners, two forms of insurance coverage.  First, is a comprehensive, general liability insurance policy.  This coverage protects our charter partners and others who accommodate our youth for meetings, trips, excursions, etc. from damages to their property as well as against lawsuits brought against them as a result of an official Scouting activity.  This policy also is for the protection of its members with respect to claims arising in the performance of their duties in scouting.  From time to time a unit will be required to provide a Certificate of Insurance to a facility that they would like to visit.  This can be obtained by contacting the Office Manager, Joan Rickabaugh, at the Burlington County Council Rowan Scout Resource Center at (609) 261-5850x16.

The second form of insurance provided by the Burlington County Council is an Accident and Sickness Insurance policy.  This policy provides health insurance for registered members and qualified guests who are injured in the course of an official Scouting function.  For families or individuals with no health insurance, this policy serves as a primary insurance coverage.  For those who are covered by an existing health plan, this policy serves as a secondary policy covering all costs not covered by your primary insurer.

These policies are provided by the Burlington County Council at no cost to our members or charter partners due to the generous financial support of the Burlington County Scouting Family.

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